go and grab "noir" at the release section!

yay! our first project "noir" was released and played at
the breakpoint2005 animation/video compo.
more info and a download link coming soon...

short notes: the planned evoke release didnt happen.
but for gods sake: even when silence and sYntiq are not at bp05,
bombe will take "noir" with him to release it. maybe it
happens this time...

we almost made it! Had finished a project for bp04
but then illness caught sYntiq. so no bp, no release.
we decided to rework it and maybe release it at evoke04.

by the way: sYntiq just made a new wallpaper. you can
find it on his homepage: http://www.blindsicht.de

some updates:
planned some releases for breakpoint04, but the second
modelling/rendering unit breaks down a while ago. now
its up and running again, but time´s to short...

good news: we also welcome bombe in our team as a new member.

first startup. nothing more...